The Black Dot Project

Dear Designer, please make sure to read our event rules before applying.

It’s mandatory to read the rules below before applying.

◘ Marketplace stores can also join The Black Dot Project event.

◘ Male and Female clothing, accessories, furniture & skin designers are invited to apply.

◘ It’s mandatory to rez our Event Poster in your Store. (Marketplace store have to create a pick for it.)

◘ We are looking for high quality products.

◘ Each designer will have to create an exclusive item for The Black Dot Project Event.You can also retexture or recolor your previous item but it must be a high quality product.

◘ As Designer with a regular booth you have 45 prims available

◘ As Sponsor you have 60 prims available

◘ You can also put older items in your booth as long as it fits in the prims limit.

◘ All exclusive item for The Black Dot Project can be put for sale on Marketplace or at your Mainstore, once the event is over. During the entire event the item can’t be sold anywhere else.

No script allowed! Only vendor, gachas and landmark. (Caspervend, E2V ..)

◘ Designers not ready on time will be ejected of the event without refound, no exceptions.

◘ Designer fees:

Regular Booth 1050L$  [45 prims] Non negotiable.

Sponsor Booth 1500L$  [60 prims] Non negotiable.

◘ Fees need to be paid after acceptance, no exceptions.

The Black Dot Team :

Owner : AdeDade Resident & Deb3ie Resident

Blogger Manager : RoxxyPink Resident



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